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Message From The President

Welcome to our story of five years - Here at Old Bar we have one of Nature's gifts in our beach. We must save it and our community. Our committee worked tirelessly at raising funds for the "Feasibility Study for off-shore reef protection". We raised the $55,000 needed with the help of a funding grant of $30,000 from the Federal Government.
This study was completed in September 2011 and the State Minister for Environment and Heritage, Robyn Parker (who is concerned with the erosion situation) had it reviewed by the Water Research Laboratory of the University of New South Wales. Shaw Mead, the scientist who prepared the study has answered questions raised by WRL.
We are now in the throes of gathering the studies and information required to support our submission of this beach protection to both State and Federal government for the funding to build the two reefs required. We are working tirelessly through the complicated web of government and legislation to have this option accepted.
The true figure is that from 2005 we have lost 40 metres of foredune in some places and in front of the school we are losing 80 cm per month, or 10 metres a year. The foredune at Racecourse Creek has been completely diminished exposing a further area of approximately 113 metres of Pacific Parade to the ocean. Who is going to tell mother nature - "Hang on a bit - we haven't got our reef in place" - our group has organised two plans - our "Emergency Plan" - submitted to Council in April, 2009 - and the "Off-Shore Reefs" - Both are included here and I am sure you will find them interesting.
Thank you for showing your interest by reading our page. .
Elaine Pearce, President

Old Bar Beach Sand Replenishment Group Inc.

Welcome to our site, this site and the "Old Bar Beach Sand Replenishment Group Inc" which is a non profit organisation, was formed by a group of concerned local residents to help save our Old Bar Beach from total erosion. You don't have to be a resident of Old Bar to support this cause, you only need to care about the environment and our beautiful beaches.


Replenishment and preservation of sand to Old Bar Beach with guidance from suitably qualified persons and consultation with relevant authorities

Principal Activity

Raising funds to carry out work approved by relevant authorities by way of seeking grants and approaching public for donations

Our Committee

I wish to take this opportunity to praise our present committee members and those committee members in the past who have worked tirelessly for our cause. I like to tell that we are like a big "THINK TANK" and that is the truth for it is only with all those thoughts that we have made progress.

  • President - Elaine Pearce
  • Vice President - Bob Galvin:
  • Secretary - Gail Willan:
  • Treasurer - Neil Cadden:
  • Keith Stackman
  • Rosemary Probst
  • Terry Clare

COUNCIL PROTEST: Old Bar Beach Sand Replenishment Group
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Old Bar Beach Sand Replenishment Group

is continuing in its efforts to restore and preserve our beach. The main beach is far from appealing at the moment with so many rugged rocks exposed. If we are not able to achieve urgent action the following features of our everyday life will be severely affected


Midcoast Water Sewerage Treatment Ponds - These are at severe risk. If they have to be replaced an estimated cost for ocean outfall is around $60 million. Old Bar Public School - $7.5 million has just been spent on replacing several buildings and other work at the school. The foredune at the school is presently suffering the greatest erosion at the rate of approximately 8 metres a year.

Private Property

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A modest estimate here would be in the vicinity of $250 million. But that is only a cash estimate. These are homes of our residents. The elderly - who have worked all their lives for their home. The young ones - who have families and are still paying off a mortgage on their home. The middle aged - who have a holiday home which they regard as their superannuation Think of the trauma it will cause to these hard-working ratepayers.


Old Bar is the closest beach to Taree and as such creates tourist trade for the whole Greater Taree City area as well as Old Bar. The comments we are getting at the moment from tourists is that their main complaint is the state of the beach and it is certainly not indicative of any return visits or favourable "word of mouth" advertising. The whole area is suffering, and suffering badly, as a tourist destination because of the erosion of our beach.


Because of the loss of sand the rocks are prevalent in our surf and it is not pleasant at all and certainly is interrupting the recreational pleasure of the area as we have known it for many years.


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Littoral Rainforest - This is an endangered species and we have one small patch immediately joining and south of the school. This has been used for access to the beach and for nature study by our school always, but it is rapidly disappearing (the present rate about 8 metres a year) and access to the beach is no longer possible through this area as it ends in a cliff of sand about 6 metres high

Plans And Hopes

Our immediate and urgent plan is for seawalls with engaged groynes (refer to plan). This plan has been with council since April 2009, when we were advised that consideration could not be given until the Coastal Zone Management Plan was in place.

Funding The Actual Work

Now that we have received the ASR "Feasibility Study" we have to ascertain sources of funding by way of Government grants etc. We have to organise a "Benefit/Cost analysis", a detailed design of the reefs, sand sources, what Government Departments are involved, State and Federal, what permissions and/or licences we have to obtain and whether an Environmental Impact Study is necessary.


"Our Surveyors report confirms that;
   • 40 metres have been lost from the Lewis Street beach front since 2005
   • November 2011,In one storm period at one point between Badger's and the surf club we lost 13 metres of foredune.
   • In the 2.5 yrs up to June 2013, in front of the school 80 cm per month which equates to 10 mtrs per year,
   • the new school buildings are now only 65 metres from the foredune
   • 113 metres of foredune that was protecting Pacific Parade was completely taken.


Number of reefs : There are two reefs.
   • The straight reef in front of Badger's - This reef will break down the energy
    of the waves which in turn will prevent that energy from attacking the toe of the dune.
   • the second reef, the triangular Multi-purpose reef ('MPR') in front of the school.
    This will also reduce the energy of the waves and improve the surf
   • Distance off shore - 250 metres
   • Length - 110 metres
   • Depth - 10 to 12 metres at site. Top would be visible at very low tides

Anticipated Accretion of sand -

   • 40 metres over a distance of 80 metres Calculated distance of beach to be protected
   • 1.2 kilometres - from south of Meridian to the surf club. Costs
   • $6.7 million, other costs such as detailed design of the reef, cost benefit analysis, various approvals from different departments, we are looking for a grant of $10 million

Benefits -

   • Protection of $300 million of infrastructure, private and public property such as school, $10 million spent on recent upgrade; surf club and caravan park; 78 homes in Lewis Street; 19 homes in Pacific Parade.
   • Restoration of our tourist industry and regain economic prosperity not only for Old Bar but for the Greater Taree City Area
   • New marine communities commence within 2 weeks resulting in the return of our fish-stocks.

Material -

   • Geofabric textile bags filled with sand

Coastal Zone Management Plan -

   • On hold pending updates to legislation
   • Commenced in April, 2008, State Government has given council until June 2014 for completion
   • Unless there are changes the Plan will include eight options...
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  • 1.Property acquisition/partial acquisition
  • 2.Property purchase
  • 3.Revetment
  • 4.Revetment + nourishment to maintain beach amenity
  • 5.Nourishment
  • 6.Entrance structure + nourishment
  • 7.Groyne field + nourishment
  • 8.Offshore reef + nourishment.

Feasibility Study -

hpic3.jpg, 34kB Commissioned by OBBSRG at a cost of $55,400 (incl grant of $30,000 obtained from Federal Government). Awaiting resolution of differences between reviewer, University of NSW Water Research Laboratory, and designer, one of the world’s leading ocean scientist, Dr. Shaw Mead.

Costs/Benefit Study -

Commissioned by OBBSRG at a cost of $10,000