In March 2009

when we first started looking for protection, through Professor Andy Short we were introduced to Professor Kerry Black, a world leader in the protection of eroding beaches, who advised that off-shore reef protection, was what was required and offered to address the Estuary Committee and Council. His offer was not accepted, the advice being that Council had engaged consultants Worley Parsons. A year later we contacted a colleague of Prof.Black, New Zealander Dr.Shaw Mead, oceanographer, ocean biologist and environmental scientist, also a world leader in design of off-shore reefs for protection of eroding beaches. He immediately attended a community meeting here at Old Bar, showed the protection given by "off-shore reefs", and gave an estimate for a "Feasibility Study". This Feasibility Study was completed in September 2011 and is attached to this website.

The costs have been calculated

• A multi-purpose reef - enhancing surfing conditions - in front of the school - estimated at a cost of $3.704 million.
• A straight reef slightly south of Badger's beach - estimated at a cost of $2.702 million
• Total estimated cost rounded off - $6.5 million

In all our dealings with State and Federal members we have advised that we would be looking for funding of $10 million for protection of Old Bar Beach and we have stated that the extra $3.5 million is to allow for various other studies such as environmental impact statements, detailed design (which we have already had quotes for), licenses, and other unexpected contingencies, (as usually happen even in the best thought out works) as well as the very important dune stabilization through the planting of appropriate dune species after completion of the reefs.

The Feasibility Study can be viewed under the "STUDIES" section of this website. The study was prepared by Dr.Mead when he was a director of ASR Limited - he resigned from that company in April 2011 and in October 2011 commenced his own company "eCoast Marine Consulting and Research" and always readily answers any questions we have, despite his very heavy work-load.
The rest of the story can be viewed on our "HOME PAGE" under "WHAT ARE THE FACTS"

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